Looks like sunny days are ahead of us and what better way to welcome them but with some refreshing Ice Cream! What makes 4 degrees special though?

First of all, quick service. It wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to grab an order. What really differentiates them however is the wide selection of flavors and customizations you can have.

The process is simple:
1. Choose your ice cream type and flavor (Soft serve or On Stick)
2. Choose your coating (Always go with chocolate )
3. Choose your toppings
4. And voila, you have a delish ice cream 

Other than icecream, 4 degrees also offer a lovely selection of waffles. Not only do they have regular waffles and on-stick, bubble waffles are served as well!

The wide selection of toppings include sprinkles, gummy bears and even cotton candy! So be sure that you’ll never run out of different options, at least for a long while.

They’re currently located in Galleria40 mall but they’re always on the move, so keep an eye out 

 Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed