You read that right! Abbio is your authentic Italian gourmet food paradise that has a wide variety of appetizingly good food that is simply too hard to turn down! Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, Abbio is your one-stop destination to make you feel like you’re dining in style

Abbio’s way of fine dining means that their dishes showcase a bundle of flavours but only with the most organically rich ingredients in the market! Ground-fed beef, homegrown vegetables, freshly caught seafood, handmade pasta dough is what makes all their well-known dishes taste so incredibly wonderful! They elevate the standards all the way from the ground up to the last eye-catching details!

Let’s talk about the food! Abbio serves up high quality gourmet dishes with a lot of love, spice, and everything nice! Freshly oven-baked pizzas are served with the freshest of toppings. Pasta bowls are overflowing with savory sauces that hits up all the spices and creamy blends you can think of. The salads are delightfully tossed and mixed to perfection that is nutritiously healthy and addictingly too good to be true. All these specialties will make you scream in happiness.

An Italian aroma that is intensively addicting and irresistible makes this place a truly memorable experience in the North Coast at Stella Walk Mall. Open air views with a seaside breeze makes the dining experience even more worthwhile to try the best of flavors from our northern neighbor, Italy!

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Location | Stella Walk Mall, North Coast