Like most Egyptian Youth, they had a dream of starting a business from the ground up and quit corporate life! Yet, dreams are hard to achieve and need so much effort and patience to work out

It all started out by a duo of young and hardworking Sales gurus, Ahmed Sultan and Ahmed Ezzo, who were distressed by the pressure of the Sales industry and their careers in general. They aspired to create their own business and make things happen for themselves. In 2009, the journey started with the establishment of their own startup “One Step Ahead” that mainly focuses on creative entertainment products and services, unfortunately this initiative turned out to be a total fiasco due to several factors such as lack of experience and more importantly the entertainment revolution!

After their failure with their startup in the past, the duo were lounging around watching an entertainment TV show showcasing an indoor trampoline park. It definitely sparked them with an idea to provide an entertaining environment where it can be a great stress reliever for many people. They were amazed by how a simple concept could have such a huge impact on a person psychologically and physically. So, they pioneered ourselves and pursued this project head on as they set themselves on a grand mission to launch the first indoor Trampoline Park in Egypt. Taking this further, they started to get their heads down and research on how to develop this project and turn it into a reality. They traveled all the way to the US and contacted the park’s owners for more information and insights on the business side of the park. The main drive was to get the business to Egypt, they tried to negotiate a deal for a franchising opportunity but unfortunately didn’t go as smooth as they thought due to financial constraints. That’s where they decided to be bold and not give up and create their own brand with the same. At this point, the idea of a successful business turned from a passion into a reality!

It took them roughly six months to turn this solitary vision into a fully executional business platform. At which we launched Airzone in March 2016 at Point 90 Mall under the umbrella of “One Step Ahead”.

One Step Ahead was the pioneer in bringing the indoors trampoline park concept into the entertainment industry in Egypt. we were also the first entertainment provider to establish an outdoors trampoline park on the beach. One Step Ahead aims to be the pioneer in bringing the newest and most innovative entertainment services into the Egyptian market, starting with Airzone – the first and largest indoors Trampoline Park in Egypt. Our vision is “becoming the biggest entertainment brand in Egypt”.

Airzone combines fitness and fun for both kids and adults, which makes it one of a kind. There are many services that provide fun entertainment only, while others provide fitness only. However, Airzone is one of the first parks that provides a mixture of physical entertainment. It is an attraction meant to all kinds of people who struggle to feel the fun in working out, individuals who are looking for stress relieve, parents who want to bond with their kids in a fun way, the ones who like to get out of their comfort zone without a care and anyone who is always looking for new ways to break their daily routine!

They later introduced lots of Activities at Airzone, but the most important highlight was introducing our new entertainment services to our portfolio; I-zone and Warriors zone that started in Summer 2018. I- zone is the most exciting interactive trampolines for your kids along with a very stirring interactive wall, Warriors zone is the famous Ninja Warriors courses with the extreme challenging experience.

This is not just the end of their story, their expansion plan and dreams are bigger than what you think, as we believe in the quote that says, “If your dreams don’t scare you enough, they are not big enough”.

📍Open Air Mall, Madinaty | Point 90 Mall, New Cairo
📱Facebook & Instagram – @airzoneegypt