06 Apr 2020

Author: Omar Alkady


Top 10 Breakfast Places | Foodicles

We know it’s such a chore nowadays to make your own breakfast and especially if you’re going to your job, dropping kids off to school, got morning chores to do, or something else taking up your time in the morning! So, we compiled a full…


Abbio | Italian Comfort Food Getaway

You read that right! Abbio is your authentic Italian gourmet food paradise that has a wide variety of appetizingly good food that is simply too hard to turn down! Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, Abbio is your one-stop destination to make you feel like you’re…


Peppermint | A Worldwide Cuisine

All the tastes of the world under one roof! Peppermint is a hub of international cuisine that emphasizes on a mindset that a true dining experience is a journey that should make you eat, play, and enjoy yourself. Whether you’re craving something salty, savory, crunchy,…


Buns & Dawgs | An Egyptian Hotdog Emporium

Egypt’s best-selling hotdog place is a family owned business with an ambitious culinary goal to serve 100% premium beef burgers and hot dogs! 🌭 Hot dogs to the common public in the streets of Egypt are just a quick solution for some grub on the…