Halawet El Mouled season is back in Cairo and hitting across all sweet stores in Egypt! Whether you’re a fan of Malban, Almonds, Peanuts, Sesame, or Hazelnut treats, these top places are celebrating the grand occasion with a huge display of wonderful treats

Abdel Rahim Koueider

The chic box full of mouled surprises have a creative and sweet variety of nutty bars that everyone who has a knack for sweet food will be unable to resist with these mini sugary treats. Since 1928, Abdel Rahim Koueider has been serving premium Mouled desserts with high quality Egyptian ingredients drizzled with high quality ingredients

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Mandarine Koueider

The weekend is the perfect time to gather with your loved ones. Nola has a wide selection of tasty treats filled up in one box. Sweet, crunchy, and full of flavors that will make you nostalgic. Hazelnut Malban is their signature dessert that they like to call it Basbousa Mouled! Mandarine Koueider’s ethos of a festive Mouled El Nabi all starts from the kitchen where top tier handcrafted treats are made from scratch for each box

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Fresh ingredients added together to cultivate a beautiful mixture of delicious nuts and legumes that are both very refreshing to indulge in to enjoy a sweet festive time with your friends and family. The Hazelnut Qamar El Din is a beautifully made dessert that is roasted and melted to create a lovely dessert that is special to Monginis.

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Sale Sucre Patisserie

Don’t miss out on the festivities without trying some exclusive mini bars of the lovely Hawlet El Mouled because they are just so fun to eat and crunch on with your teeth. A soft perfectly cut square of malban will make your sweet tooth go wild which is why Sale Sucre makes our list for amazing Halawet El Mouled places

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An annual addiction of nutty treats is a special kind of occasion that even weight watchers can indulge in sugar free treats without spoiling their own diet and get in on the wonderful festivities

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La Poire

A heavenly box full of different kinds of nuts and sweets are an addiction to many Egyptians. There are several kinds of nuts with sweet syrup lusciously glazed together for a whole new taste of lip-smacking sweetness. La Poire’s colorful Mouled package this year is truly exquisite that gets you excited for the festivities!

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One of the finest Egyptian sweet traditions you could ever celebrate is Hawalet El Mouled which is always the best solution to sweeten up any gathering you have during the festivities. Their nouget delights are a special kind of heaven in a bar that is certainly memorable in taste for every Halawet El Mouled foodie!

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Indulgence in a single bite begins with a true kind of Mouled dessert collection that will make you smile back to nostalgic moments of having these desserts during your childhood days. Circular Malban Pistachios is the best type of Mouled dessert at Coppermelt where the combination between savoury nuts and sweet jello are luscious and satisfying!

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Voila Dessert

Annnd Voila! A Halawet El Mouled box that’s as heavy as 5 Kilos boasting with many choices of fun and satisfying bars that are divine! From the Malban that melts in your mouth to crunching on almond nuts covered in syrup and chocolate, there grand packages cover all types of Mouled desserts to your foodie heart’s desire!

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Call up your foodie buddies who love an oriental kind of sweet that will open up your cravings for more! A heavenly box filled with many roasted sweet nuts adds a scrumptiously unique crunch and flavor to each bar you eat! The Cashew and Sesame bars are so mouthwateringly delicious that it’s too good to put down after you had that first bite!

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From the crunchy nutty bars to the special Malban that simply melts in your mouth! There is all kinds of desserts just packed up into one lovely box that’s fun to eat and great to share to create more memories about Egypt’s most lovable dessert craze!

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