Alexandrians might be having the joy of their year recently with finally the opening of multiple, well known and amazing restaurants. One to shed light on is the Levant based; Bab Tooma!

The menu is pretty huge so we’ll try to break it down for you a bit here. Starting with the appetizers, we opt for the Fattoush Betenjan, Warak Enab and Bab Tooma’s Mini Mix. And oh we were just warming up, coming our way was the Batata bel Sojouk. It feels like the menu is a bit familiar yet with a twist in each dish!

Being all warmed up with the wide set of appetizers we were ready for the mains. Kicking off with a classic Levant dish and usually not served in restaurants; the Makloba! And what a delight it was. Of course we couldn’t just overlook the pastries and devoured ourselves a Mankoush Sojok bel Jebn in addition to Kofta Khoshkhash 😋

If you think we’re done then think again, desserts are still next in line and boy oh boy they are exciting! From Syrian Ghazal to Osmanlliah Strawberry and Apple Caramel Cake, there is a dessert for every taste 🤩

📍 The Sea Yard, Alexandria

📞 01023744460

Photography by Malt Eaters