When it comes to oriental food, Baladina is definitely a name that pops into our heads! Serving all kinds of delicious comfort food that we grew up loving, and they’ve been doing so for years, with nothing but consistent quality! Everything about the restaurant just puts you in that oriental countryside mood, especially in their recently renovated branch at Arkan Plaza.


Now Baladina has several specialties worth mentioning. Starting with their breakfast menu which never disappoints; with an impressive variety of all the classic Egyptian breakfast food that make quite the breakfast spread! Including different kinds of foul, eggs, falafel, and flavorful DIPS! Not to mention their signature home baked baladi bread.


One of Baladina’s other specialties is their appetizing grilled items! Perfectly cooked, well-seasoned and absolutely juicy meats! Baladina has all our favorite oriental grills, from shish tawook to grilled kofta and a mouthwatering mixed grill platter that goes perfectly with their tasty sides or any of their classic dips and salads. And you do not want to miss out on a Baladina tagine too, particularly the roz mo3ammar ones that are just HEAVENLY and have all the flavors your heart desires!


Now if you’re going for breakfast, lunch or dinner; you MUST try Baladina’s FETEER! Mastering both the traditional meshaltet feteer AND the usual oriental ones. Baked in their very own oven where they make that perfect baladi bread, Baladina’s feteer is a definite crowd pleaser.

Baladina is located at:

  • Arkan Plaza (Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October).
  • Westown Hub (Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October).
  • The Platform (Maadi, Cairo).
  • Club 33, Abul Feda street (Zamalek, Cairo).
  • Telalians Platform (Telal, North Coast).