Beef Bunker, is a home to some of the best AND juiciest burgers & steaks! And we’re not talking tiny lame patties and overcooked steaks, these guys know what they’re doing and they are bringing it ALL. And we have to respect anyone who gets beef, and knows how to dazzle us with quality beef.

As their name implies, Beef Bunker is specialized in all that is BEEF; like burgers, sandwiches & steaks. Plus a variety of delicious appetizers like the onions rings and WINGS, salads, a yummy beef carpaccio pizza, beef-infused pastas, a mean mac & cheese dish and other signature dishes as well! And with their variety of insanely delicious burgers served with exquisite toppings and perfectly toasted bread, you are guaranteed to fall in love.

And when it comes to their steaks! They are not kidding around you guys! The cuts are seriously like no other. These juicy babies will cater to the carnivore inside you. Their thick T-Bone is everything you want in a T-Bone, perfectly cooked & simply seasoned, with a side of steak fries, just the way we like it.

You need to stop whatever it is you’re doing and get your hands on some of these from Beef Bunker, which recently opened its first branch at Point 90 Mall (New Cairo), and we cannot wait for more Beef Bunkers to satisfy all us carnivores around the country!

Beef Bunker is located at Point 90 Mall (New Cairo).