Looking to lay back, relax and enjoy a not only great meal but a high quality one too? Boulevard’s menu, ambience and experience is surely what you’re looking for 😉

Whether you’re a pizza fan or a sandwich person, all your cravings can be fulfilled with Boulevard’s menu. But let’s shed some light on their star items as they truly deserve the recognition. Starting with the pizzas, all items were carefully curated by the hands of an Italian Chef! Hence, the trendy yet original pizza items.

Main dishes too are a work of art; seafood lover? Their Salmon Risotto will definitely blow your taste buds out! Their is no need to mention how the magic of the Truffle cream works in this dish 😏

For desserts we’d recommend the Lotus Cake; it sounds simple, but boy the sugar rush is real. A hot cookie dough with Nutella, topped with vanilla ice-cream and of course the Lotus biscuit 😋

Boulevard can be considered as a comfort place to visit, you can sip on your favorite drink and finish off some work, or just chatter with your friends. However we’d highly encourage you take a bite over there, since you are already visiting 😉

📍 Point 90, New Cairo
📍 96 Omar Ibn Elkhattab St., Heliopolis