Ice cream rolls have been a BIG TREND lately! We all love watching those videos online of people creating their own flavors and mixes, as they roll their ice cream away, adding all kinds of toppings and sauces. Bouza Roll is definitely the name that comes to mind, when we think ice cream rolls. With over 35 branches across the country, they got us covered with their sweet ice cream flavors, rolls and mixes anywhere we go, literally!

And with summer hitting us so strong, it makes sense to start daydreaming of what ice cream we’re going to get next time! Bouza Roll offers their signature ice cream rolls, that come in different flavors, sauces and of course some colorful sprinkles and toppings. And that’s not ALL, they have these perfect sized taco-shaped biscuits to hold your ice cream rolls, adding the perfect sweet crunch to the mix, going well with any flavor you choose. Whether you’re a chocolate, strawberry or caramel ice cream fan, you just can’t go wrong with these taco biscuits.

With a sweet & delicious variety of flavors, awesome toppings, a fun & inventive dessert, your hot summer day is definitely taken care of 🙂