Egypt’s best-selling hotdog place is a family owned business with an ambitious culinary goal to serve 100% premium beef burgers and hot dogs! 🌭

Hot dogs to the common public in the streets of Egypt are just a quick solution for some grub on the go, but Buns & Dawgs are changing that mindset with their entrepreneurial skills and expertise to make it more authentic and cater a younger and funkier audience who focus on taste and quality more than anything! 😋

But of course, don’t let the name fool you! Buns & Dawgs have an array of delectable menu items to satisfy all sorts of cravings such as egg buns for breakfast, hot dogs in freshly baked pretzels, scrumptious burgers with brioche buns, hot and crispy fried chicken sandwiches, and lip-smacking desserts to give your sweet tooth some love! 💕

Buns & Dawgs core foundations have been brought from the ground up by the owners of Le Royaume LLC and executed brilliantly with their mastermind executive Canadian chef. Le Royaume LLC has been developing all sorts of dining concepts but certainly Buns & Dawgs is the first concept of a mix between gourmet and fast food dining to accommodate all types of customers. The contemporary design and vibe of the restaurant has been blueprinted from scratch by Zaro Architects

Buns & Dawgs is a must-go for all the right reasons to have a good time out with your buddies because leaving you hungry does not fit in with their ethos as a clean gourmet fast food joint that serves delicious meals for a quick bite on the go! 🏃

What gives them the edge is their non-soya hotdogs and burgers. In addition, Buns & Dawgs used the concept of a traditional hotdog and created 8 different kinds of other sandwiches with the inspiration of the hotdog!

Overall, the experience was truly spectacular from every culinary aspect as they enlightened us with their “Happy Thoughts” swing set that made the experience even more worthwhile! It made us smile and bask in every treasurable moment while dining at Egypt’s best-selling hot-dog emporium! 😃

📍Diplo – Sidi Abdelrahman, North Coast
📱Facebook & Instagram – @bunsandawgs