We can’t say no to some nice messy burgers, and Burger Factory is all about that! Offering a variety of HUGE juicy burgers, fried chicken and some yummy appetizers!

Burger Factory makes burgers for every taste out there, whether you’re a meat lover, cheese fanatic or just into incredibly messy burgers, they’ve got it ALL. Starting with their very own creative ingredients like the ‘Frenchman’ (burger patty topped with blue cheese, beef bacon, onion jam, tomato, lettuce and garlic mayo) or the ‘Angus Steak’ (burger topped with beef strips, caramelized onions, chili and double cheese).

And if you’re into some insane heavy-weight burgers you MUST try the ‘Cowboy’ burger (beef burger patty topped with cheese, beef bacon, ENORMOUS onion rings and barbecue sauce), not to mention the ‘Cheesy Cheese’ which is literally the ultimate cheese lover’s dream, served with blue cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.

For the more traditional burger fans, Burger Factory also masters the classic burgers, with several choices like the ‘Swiss’ and the ‘Shrooms’ that’s served with cheese, lettuce, garlic may and fried mushrooms unlike the usual sautéed mushrooms.

Another fact we love about Burger Factory is their portions!! Guaranteed to fill up that appetite whether you’re devouring any of their juicy burgers, perfectly fried chicken or heavenly appetizers!

Burger Factory is located at:

  • Americana Plaza (Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October).
  • 114 Hassan Sabry street (Zamalek, Cairo).