You may know them as Cairo Foodie Couple, the Terzibashians, Shahan & Melisse, or as we sometimes like to refer to them, ‘CFC’. The one thing we know for sure is that every time they go on a trip, we just know we’re going to be seeing these awesome videos and food-ventures they share with us.

This time they took us along their end-of-summer trip to non other than the beautiful Lebanon! Sharing everything from outings, hotel recommendations and most importantly, delicious FOOD!

Let’s delve into their trip a little, and see what they were up to.

Starting with this amazing boutique hotel ‘CHERRY BLOSSOM‘. Located right on the top of the hills in Bhamdoun. With an infinity pool like no other, overlooking THAT VIEW! Beyond amazing! We can’t tell if we love it by daytime when its all about nature and these signature Lebanese mountain landscapes; or by night when you could dine at their rooftop Lebanese restaurant ‘Karas’ for a night under the stars, night lights and magic!


Since we’re talking about dining with a view, it only makes sense to start with ‘SEA SALT’. A great seafood restaurant with a fantastic view! Located right next to Madame Bleu beach. The full Mediterranean experience.


Traveling is all about walking around, sightseeing and just exploring the city. And like any normal tourist (let alone a foodie tourist) we’re always looking to try some STREET FOOD! And Lebanese street food is all about the SHAWERMA! ‘MAKHLOUF’ came with a recommendation from some of their fellow foodies, and as Shahan puts it ‘Best shawerma IN TOWN’. Melisse even got to slice some of her own shawerma.


If you’re in Lebanon and you’re neither eating nor touring, you are definitely PARTYING! Known for it’s awesome fun-filled nightlife, and lively locals. Shahan & Melisse went to ‘THE FIFTH’ this cool outdoor bar right on the street actually, in Batroun. Lucky for them it was Latin night, so it was all about salsa dancing, colorful cocktails and shareable bar food! We even remember their fun Instagram stories from that night.


Another cool nightspot they hung out at was ”CELCIUS‘ right in the heart of Beirut. This restaurant was more on the fancy side. Known to host celebrities and the city’s socialites. Kitchen run by a British Chef, who was cool enough to let them try out a special dessert that wasn’t on the menu yet. Sounds like a pretty cool night to me! And that ostrich steak!!! Yum!


Any night out is followed by an awesome breakfast! Just like the one they had at ‘AMAL BOHSALI’, where they got to enjoy a traditional Lebanese breakfast, with a HEAVENLY Kunafa Bel Jebneh.


As much as we all love experiencing new food and different cultures when we travel, sometimes we just miss home a little bit and want to have a taste of that. And that’s exactly what the Terzibashians did when they went to ‘MAYRIG‘. An authentic Armenian food, and one of the highest rated restaurants in Lebanon.

And another Armenian gem was ‘BACHIG‘ which is the same team behind ‘MAYRIG’, but adding some Lebanese cuisine to the menu. Plus some other cool specialties like an all-vegetarian buffet EVERY DAY!


Not only did the foodie power couple come back with awesome food recommendations, they also went to a grape harvest event at ‘KSARA’ along other local bloggers, where they actually harvest grapes and enjoyed an exclusive wine tasting afterwards! Nothing says food-venture more than this.IMG_6850

All photo credits to Cairo Foodie Couple.