05 Apr 2020

Category: Food


Mince | Not only burgers!

Not only do they serve one of the most consumed #burgers in #Cairo, they also have an epic breakfast menu! We got the eggs Benedict with fries and spinach and we actually loved it! They just opened their new branch in #Zamalek, just right in…


Casa De Carne | Brazilian cuisine has arrived in Cairo

You can count Brazilian restaurants in Cairo on one hand, ¬†due to the fact of it’s convenience, untraditional portions & type of the service, from which Egyptians aren’t familiar with, yet Casa De Carne challenged it, bringing this “ALL YOU CAN EAT” cuisine in the…


Jubail | Lebanese love in Sheikh Zayed

Located in Capital Business Park, Sheikh Zayed, Jubail is a cozy #Lebanese venue serving some of the best Mezze platters in 6th of October city, Our favorite items were the halloum manouch’eh and the pomegranate molasses sausages, check out our footage of their menu! Photography by…


Spaces that work

Thanks for checking out Ink. A WordPress theme for meaningful story-telling, built with¬†informed design decisions and just the right amount of theme options, that actually make sense. The right context for your content Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that “gives computers the…


Taboon | Lebanese with an urban twist

When it comes to #Lebanese cuisines in Cairo, you’ll be amazed how many restaurants are there, a highly competitive market due to the love Egyptians share with Lebanese food, there’s alot of venues on our list that we love, but Taboon specifically had a very…