05 Apr 2020

Category: Food


Darb Shakamba | Egyptian Cuisine Perfected

وسع وسع وسع. انا ازق الطارة واضرب ميت بمبه. ده انا الاسطى عمارة من درب شكمبة. صيتي من القلعة لسويقة اللالا، انا واخد السمعه. أوبريت الليلة الكبيرة El Lelah El Keberah was an integral part of my childhood and many others. Salah Gahine created a…


Ok Google: It’s time for Egypt!

Well well well… What a time to be alive. Last Monday, Google hosted an all-day event at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza announcing their plans for Egypt. The event was attended by Google MENA team along with a cohort of Egyptian government officials…

Chicken Fil-A

Chicken Fil-A: Fried Chicken Heaven

We have died, and went to fried chicken heaven! Have you ever wondered why fried chicken is so good? Well, say no more.. Chicken Fil-A serves our dream of perfect crispiness. You truly deserve to reward yourself if you are on diet, or trying to…

Morroccan Brunch at Sofitel El Gezirah

Morocco by the Nile: Dazzling Brunch at Sofitel El Gezirah

Sofitel Hotel Cairo Nile El Gezirah promises its guests magical moments and breathtaking views at its signature Moroccan Friday Brunch at La Palmeraie. Every Friday from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm, guests are invited to a plethora of Moroccan Meshoui and oriental specialties while reveling…

Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Opening Ceremony

Kicking off AFCON 2019 with an impressive opening night

Last night, 100 million Egyptians along with the world witnessed an extravagant opening of the 32nd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. The grand Pyramids made an impressive appearance with an homage to our African identity. Fireworks matched the roaring cheer of the audience,…


A New Era of Fine Dining at Baky Hospitality

Exciting news for the food industry of the country: For the first time in Egypt, Baky Hospitality’s new exclusive Culinary Advisor, a renowned top Chef, Reif Othman is bringing Egypt’s name to an international scale with its locally made fine dishes. Othman is a multi-award-winning…


Soul Chips & Dips | The Perfect Party Companion

Share the dip and savor the chip! Hosting a party or a gathering? Or maybe you’re just looking for a snack to savor yourself; Soul – Chips & Dips are here for the rescue! Soul simply serve chips, but they are nothing like your normal off the…


Shocks | Cairo’s Hippest Burger Truck

Food trucks have been a growing trend in Egypt in the past few years, and Shocks is a name that is definitely here to stay.   Starting with their authentic ‘Airstream’ truck that clearly stands out from other food trucks, with its sparky essence and…