Since its arrival to the food scene, Chicken Fil-A has set a strong foot into the market, taking over our hearts with their amazing Fried Chicken sandwiches. Now with their latest branch opening in 6th of October, they are expanding more and more towards a more successful franchise.

Starting off with their new Chickenizza, a hybrid of Chicken and Pizza where your pizza crust is the chicken itself! A heavy yet delicious alternative for lunch. Unfortunately it’s only available on the dine-in menu 🙁

Besides the appetizers and their creative inventions the stars of the menu are the STUFFED Chicken Sandwiches. Yup, got that right! What makes Chicken Fil-A’s sandwiches special is that their buns are stuffed, and usually with melty cheese 😍!

📍 6th of October, Maadi, New Cairo and Mohandeseen

📞 19803