Change is good. Specially if it is to the best and this is what Cook Door has been aiming at! Introducing a new dine-in concept, Cook Door still serve their classic large Sandwiches and their unique friskes fries but with a twist of experience and representation.


Your fast food has just got a pump up, be greeted by a host once you enter the branch. No more waiting in line to make an order, a waiter will be present at your table. Ditch the carton, all items are now served on wooden platters and comfortably represented with free sauces, coleslaw and free cheese for your fries. And don’t forget about the refillable coke.


The branches themselves got a revamp as well, you can now enjoy Bein Sports while having your meal, what’s more amazing than having comfort food on Champions League nights? 😉

For the guys we’d recommend you go for the gangwich meal for the whole gang and if any of you is on a diet they can opt for a Creaser Salad or a Mix Grill Meal.

A big family? Get your kids and they’ll get free giveaways, even if they do not order!


Oh and one more thing, there is no extra service charge so no hidden fees 💃🏻


You can now enjoy all of this at these Cook Door branches:

  • Horreya Street, Heliopolis
  • Roxi, Heliopolis
  • Hassan El Mamaoun, Nasr City
  • Gameat El Dewal, Muhandeseen
  • El Hosary, 6th of October City.