All the way from Dubai to Cairo! Dubai House opened their doors introducing a cuisine Egyptians may not be very much familiar with, the Emarati cuisine.

Full of surprises is how we’d describe the menu at Dubai House. First of, it’s an all day restaurant. They’ve got both, a breakfast and a lunch/dinner menu.

What makes their breakfast so special is their own in-house bread, which is unlike any other bread has a sweet taste to it! Their dishes also are quite unique as they are so light yet full of strong flavors 😋

On the other hand, their traditional Emarati dishes for lunch are also full of greatness! Whether it’s meat or chicken you can guarantee that it would literally melt in your mouth with an explosion of flavors that would tease your taste buds. Get to choose from Biryani, machboos or kabsa to complement your choice of meat too 😉

Oh and let’s not forget about desserts; the Dates Cake is an option that would never go wrong 😏

📍4 El-Thawra St. Korba
📞 01206655529