Oriental Cairo-based chain, Zooba, has officially welcomed people near and far in the Big Apple! Co-Founder, Chris Khalifa, explains how spreading the Egyptian cuisine was always a challenge yet an ambitious goal to pursue. “At the very beginning, the vision was always to take this outside of Egypt. And, yeah, the idea behind starting this is, Egyptian food is really not on the map at all,” (Credits To Grub Street) the Egyptian-American claimed.

Zooba Co-Founder, Chris Khalifa (Photo Credits To Grub Street)
Zooba Chef Co-Founder, Moustafa El Refaey (Photo Credits To Grub Street)

In addition to the grand opening of the growing Egyptian chain, New Yorkers are not necessarily too familiar with the Arab cuisine itself per say. This is why Zooba has provided an Egyptian menu that would help Americans get easily accustomed to the Egyptian cuisine. For example, Falafels, or as we like to call them ta’ameya, are squished fava beans mixed and tossed with many spices and herbs deep-fried and shaped into a patty. Americans have known the falafels just like how they know their hummus. That’s why Zooba offers six different kinds of falafel delicacies, four of them being sandwiches, and the other two being a salad or a five pack with an Egyptian dipping sauce.

Different Falafel sandwiches filled with different toppings to cater every Westerner’s knack for Egyptian cuisine (Photo Credits To Grub Street)
Ta’ameya (Falafels) with a sweet freshly squeezed drink complimented with a lovely eggplant side! Vegans rejoice! (Photo Credits To Grub Street)

Zooba chef co-founder, Moustafa El Refaey, has fully invested his time in prepping an Egyptianized menu that introduces more than just the Egyptian breakfast necessities such as hawashi, a beef patty stuffed with veggies served on grilled baladi bread using tahini, harissa, roumy cheese, tomato-onion relish, arugulua, and carrot slaw too. It’s such an Egyptian favorite.

Hawashi sandwiches nicely wrapped into classic Egyptian newspaper style foldings! (Photo Credits To Grub Street)
Egyptian Spiced Fries (Photo Credits To Grub Street)

Zooba is truly a masterchef of Egyptian cuisine and is only going to grow even more and more on a worldwide scale. Trying to popularize the cuisine without really westernizing it shows the true essence of the cuisine itself.

Zooba NYC (Photo Credits To Grub Street)
Zooba Interior (Photo Credits To Grub Street)
Zooba Interior (Photo Credits To Grub Street)

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