Redefining the Authentic Egyptian food experience, Ezzaha are surely one unique place to visit. In addition to their vintage Egyptian mood atmosphere, they offer an extraordinary menu with a variety of options. Whether you are an early bird with an appetite for a traditional breakfast, in the mood for a quick bite, or missing your mama’s cooking, Ezzaha will definitely serve you well.

Getting down to business, the whole place is craftily designed to give the feeling of walking down an authentic Egyptian alley. Look to your right and there is a Liver cart, to the left you’d find a Feteer stand and a sugar cane juice stand for refreshments. Ezzaha’s focus isn’t only on the food as much it is on setting the mood itself, they take great care of treating their visitors and indulging them into bits of authenticity. That doesn’t mean that the food isn’t as great!

Starting with the breakfast section, a wide selection of eggs, foul, falafel and cheese are in your grasp, with a little twist in flavor. Not an early bird? Enjoy yourself a main dish or a casserole for dinner. Get your family to gather over one of the best Tajines and Molokheyas they’d ever have. Watch out mothers, there’s competition in town 

No meal can be complete without desserts of course, and no better dessert after a hefty meal from Ezzaha is better than a Sweet Feteer with some honey, gotta set the mood right after such feast.

 Branches: Maxim Mall, New Cairo

 Phone: 01205526222