If we’d consider burger making an art then Fat Cow’s burgers compile one piece of magnificent collection. However, it is quite a simple menu.

You can have it your way and make your own burger, or have it their way and get one of the already available 7 mashups. That of course besides the other 4 Chicken Sandwiches and the amazing Shrimp Burger 😏

The menu may be burger dominant yet there are also many more items worth mentioning. Fat Cow are also well known for their chunky and full of flavor Chicken Wings, besides their never ending Appetizers 😋

If you can’t make up your mind whether you should go for the Original Burger or the Honky Tonk you can always get ahold of their sliders version, and get a taste of both. Better yet, why not have a taste of the whole menu 😉


📍 Rd. 9 Maadi – Galleria40

📞 0101600054