Last night, 100 million Egyptians along with the world witnessed an extravagant opening of the 32nd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations. The grand Pyramids made an impressive appearance with an homage to our African identity. Fireworks matched the roaring cheer of the audience, rooting for Egypt in its opening match against Zimbabwe. And the Egyptian team did not disappoint with a great win 1-0 scored by the talented Mahmoud Hassan (Trézéguet)

Images courtesy of Africa Cup of Nations Official Facebook Page

The amazing ceremony took place at the 60,000 seater Cairo International stadium in Cairo. The rich history and culture of the old great nation were brought to life through a breathtaking performance featuring the Egyptian Legend Hakim. The ceremony received a massive wave of appreciation through social media platforms including Twitter

We are absolutely dazzled by the impressive opening night, rooting for the Egyptian team to snatch its 8th title as champion of Africa Cup of Nations 2019. Watch the full opening ceremony below.

Total Africa Cup of Nations 2019 Opening Ceremony

🎥 Watch .. The #TotalAFCON2019 Opening ceremony شاهد .. حفل افتتاح كأس الأمم الإفريقية توتال – مصر 2019

Posted by Total Africa Cup of Nations on Thursday, June 20, 2019