A simple detox plan starts with a few organic and purified food products. Kings Garden is a special brand that will help you lead your life into a healthier and upliftng lifestyle!

It all began with a group of friends who saw the living standards that we currently live in now and thought a serious change was needed so they brilliantly executed a brand vision that would enhance and enrich people’s lives and culinary cultures. Kings Garden is a premium health foods brand that provides consumers with products that detox your body

Exclusive Matcha Green Tea powder is their main product that contains every nutrient extracted from a single green tea leaf, which results in a bigger amount of caffeine and antioxidants than what is found in typical commercial branded green tea leaves. Matcha is an Asian component that has a lot of benefits towards the liver, heart, and aids in raising your metabolism leading to weight loss. They are the first Matcha brand in Egypt

Matcha isn’t only used in drinks only but it can be used for skin care products as well as baked goods.

Their wide variety of authentic and organically purified products is the solution to those who are looking to get their life back on track in a dietary and dermatological way like never before!

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