Malmö just upped their game and introduced a whole newly engineered menu that took us by surprise!

Starting off the menu, a whole new breakfast section is created. A variety of delicious Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs and even Bakery will surely keep you rev’d for the rest of the day 😋

If you’re looking for the real deal however, then the upcoming lines will interest you 😉. Kicking off with the appetizers, the BBQ Chicken Wings were one item to stand out! Surprisingly huge, chunky and flavorful wings were great as a start. Moving on, if you’re a fan of the greens then Malmo’s salads selection would amuse you. A wide variety of options is set to satisfy your taste buds and give you that healthy boost you’re looking for 💪🏻

Since Malmo is a European based restaurant we had to pick a European dish for the main course and lucky us we had a marvelous experience devouring into their Salmon with Glass Noodles 🤩

The whole experience at Malmo was great and amusing. Don’t forget to try out the desserts too! Their Banoffee pie will blow you away 😉

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