There’s a common conception on fast food, that it lacks quality and nutritional value; which we usually don’t argue; until we’ve tried Max Burgers!

Max Burgers is part of a large Swedish fast food chain, that just opened their first branch in Cairo. Bringing a nice variety of yummy burgers, classic sides and AWESOME milkshakes! Best way to describe the burgers is that they’re a combination of a nice gourmet burger and a classic fast food burger, that we all crave every now & then.

We found the sides were one of the most impressive things at Max Burgers, especially the cool dips they come with. Starting with the jalapeno sticks, which we were happy to find on the menu, as they’re not that common in other local fast food chains; the mozzarella sticks and onion rings are also must-try items! And you don’t want to miss those DIPS! And by ‘dips’ I’m not talking ketchup/mayo/mustard that you find in any basic fast food restaurant, I’m talking Green & Garlic, Spicy Mayo, Cheese Sauce that goes well with EVERYTHING and their special original dip!

Last -but not least- are Max Burgers’ MILKSHAKES! Great texture, perfect flavor balance and just the perfect way to end your meal. The Strawberry bubblegum and Caramel Popcorn are guaranteed to win you over, even if you don’t like milkshakes; you might come for the burgers, but you’ll absolutely stay -and come back- for those milkshakes.

Max Burgers is located at River Walk (New Cairo), call 19065 for delivery.