Mince’s Burgers need no introduction, through out the past years they have pretty much conquered the burger scene. Now they’re back with more items to prove their stance!

The additions are pretty simple yet powerful. First off is the Appetizers, 3 new items are introduced and those would be the Mince Platter, Stuffed Mushrooms (with cream cheese 🤔) and Corn Dog 😋. The Mince Platter is perfect for sharing it offers multiple options including their delicious wings!

As for the sandwiches the Chilly Billy is first in line. Your favorite single patty topped with beef chili to give you a kick of flavor. As for chicken lovers the Chicken MFC and Cordon Bleu are great, the crispy chicken breasts wrapped with variant types of toppings will definitely take you somewhere else.

The finale is left for the great new MEXICAN Hot Dog. Simply topped with Tomato Salsa, Jalapeños, Cheese Sauce, Mince’s Special Menu and a hefty amount of Ranch Tortilla Chips! Marvelous to look at and definitely a hunger killer!