Looks like comfort fine dine is the trend nowadays with the addition of Posh Nosh ! Yet they do stand out with a great selection of their menu.

Not all diners serve the huge variety specially when there is a wide gap between cuisines they’re offering, but Posh Nosh managed to find the balance 

If you’re in for a quick fluffy bite then Posh Nosh’s Pepperoni pizza is a great choice. The fluffy dough and extra toppings add up to make a delish treat. More into a heavier meal? Why not go for the their steaks, served with two sides and grilled to your liking 

However if you’re craving something way far beyond the normal offerings you can always opt for their sushi, yes they may not be a Sushi bar but that doesn’t mean they do not have a lovely selection of rolls 

Besides their food, the fierce atmosphere sets you right in the mood, with a pub like feel you’ll always feel welcomed!

  Tivoli Plaza