Introducing the newest in concepts, Red Bird have achieved the right balance between Fine Dine and Fast Food. Now that doesn’t mean unhealthy but certainly delicious and top of the line quality.

At Red Bird, a sharp eye is kept on every detail. Not only for the food but for the ambience too. The cheerful and colorful atmosphere sets you in the mood while waiting for your order.

As for the food all ingredients are purely fresh, even for the juice! But what really stands out is the appetizers selection as well as the pastas 🍝

Kicking off with the appetizers we enjoyed ourselves big chunks of Chicken Wings! A nice crisp on the outside with a tender and flavorful center. Speaking of flavor, the nachos were a blast themselves, topped with chili, Jalapeño and olives!

Digging into the mains, or better yet the pastas. A wide selection is available for all different tastes. Whether it’s red sauce, pesto or white, one thing for sure is the fresh ingredients add up to a seamless dish!


Photography by Malt Eaters