Nothing says Greek street food like SOUVLAKI & GYROS! Which happen to be Seecoz’s specialty which they masterfully craft! You may know them from Lakeyard last summer and events here & there, but Seecoz’s main branch is at The Waterway.

Seecoz has a very cool live kitchen concept where you get to see them do the entire process; from their signature seasoned fries and toasting the pita bread to grilling the meat and the gyros stand! They serve traditional beef & chicken souvlaki & gyros with classic yogurt-based tzatziki sauce with their Greek beef wraps. Plus a fried chicken version of the souvlaki that they serve with honey mustard sauce, and it’s just as yummy! Another thing we like about their gyros is the fact that they come in mini version too. Perfect to share with a friend OR all to yourself if you want to try different ones.

In addition to all the pita wonders at Seecoz, they also serve delicious appetizers. Like their signature fries with different topping options like spicy feta & melted American cheese; as well as the crowd pleasing HALLOUMI fries!

And if you think they’d let you go home without some dessert, think again! Seecoz make these phenomenal loukoumades (aka Zalabya), freshly made, super puffy AND crispy, served with your choice of Nutella, Oreo or Lotus Biscoff (or all 3 together as we like to have them). They’re just the perfect ending to this meal, along with their iconic Lotus ice cream with Lotus crumbs and caramel sauce!

Visit Seecoz at the very beginning of the Waterway strip – Call them at 01015960582