Food trucks have been a growing trend in Egypt in the past few years, and Shocks is a name that is definitely here to stay.


Starting with their authentic ‘Airstream’ truck that clearly stands out from other food trucks, with its sparky essence and festive neon lights. The truck has this cool 80’s look, like something from Back To The Future.


Shocks are specialized in BURGERS, smashed burgers to be specific. Shocks burgers are juicy, served with a variety of fresh toppings and are lightly seasoned, so not to overshadow that natural ground beef flavor. Aiming for unique quality with their local meat sources, and 100% beef patties, unlike other places where the beef is mixed with soy additives and imported meat.


The brains behind Shocks made a noticeable effort when creating the menu; consulting their team and fellow foodies. They even had several tastings and trials till they reached their final recipes, and that effort really shows in the end result.


Especially with their latest ‘limited edition’ burger, the ‘BIG MOUTH’. This burger is served as a standard double burger, but can go to up a TRIPLE patty burger (hence the name). Cooked with 2 American cheese slices, and topped with some juicy blueberry bites, 3 hot mozzarella sticks, pickles, lettuce and their NEW blueberry BBQ sauce that is a combination of tangy & sweet. 


Shocks’ initial plan was to move around the city on a burger feeding tour; but decided to focus on one location ‘The Waterway’ due to safety and operational reasons. HOWEVER, they are planning on expanding their business and are currently looking for new spots to land their silver Airstream burger truck.

Shocks is located at The Waterway (New Cairo).