We felt nostalgic and paid a visit to one of the oldest restaurants, Kbabgy Studio Masr, where we spent most of our family gatherings back in the day. And we’ve got to say, after their re-branding they’ve got way much better!

We kicked off our meal with a set of oriental salads and appetizers while waiting for our grills to be prepared. Their wide menu includes all kinds of oriental and delicious dishes; from tajines to mix grills which makes it perfect for every visitor.

The star of the show was their special Shawaya Kababgy, a very long grill, almost a foot and a half long! Full of different items; devour on a mix of kebab and kofta, or shish tawook and chicken breasts if you’re more of a white meat person. bottom line is, this special menu item is for every group gathering!

To finish off this hefty meal we had to tease our taste buds with one of Studio Masr’s creative desserts, Halawet Roh. Simply a block of Vanilla Ice-cream based with Oreo crumbs and covered with Halawa, Pomegranate Molasses and Nuts! Perfect ending for a great meal indeed.

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