Raise your Soft Serve cup if you’re in love with Sugar Rush’s Ice Cream 😍

The concept of Sugar Rush is pretty simple and their goal, as the name states, is pretty forward to the point. First of all you have the Soft Serve Ice Cream served in either a cone or cup. Is that it? Of course not. Next you get to choose your toppings, or even better, dip your Soft Serve into a chocolate mix for that extra sweet tooth satisfying experience 😋

Sugar Rush’s menu does not only evolve around Ice Cream, quench your thirst with one if their lovely milkshakes, or grab a bite from their make your own Bubble Waffles special. Everything is customizable at Sugar Rush and if you’re hesitant about what to curate, check out their existing menu for some creative options 😉

📍 Cairo Festival City Mall, Citystars
📞 01000005141