We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even though we’d agree that all food is important. For a change we tried a different kind of breakfast, all the way from Lebanon Tawlet Beirut served us a not so regular breakfast menu, and here are our thoughts of that delicious encounter 😋

Kicking off we started with the classics like Foul, Falafel and Labneh. To spice things up a bit we later tried some mixes, scrambled eggs with potato cubes and eggs with haloumi cheese were definitely surprising combos! Yet we didn’t stop there, what would a visit to a Lebanese Diner be without ordering some fresh out of the oven pastries? 😍 A Mixed Pastries Platter of Cheese and Meat were just perfect for the meal!

Finalizing the hefty breakfast we just had to have something to sweeten up; who would say no to Kunafa? Even in the early hours of the morning 😏 Oh and one last thing, juices are freshly squeezed upon order, making their freshness guaranteed and certainly the quality of flavor 😋

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