Willy’s Kitchen still setting trends with their signature tortilla sandwiches and mouthwatering BURGERS, satisfying all kinds of taste buds out there!
Whether you’re a burger lover or not, Willy’s sandwiches ARE for you! Their famous tortilla wraps are guaranteed to make you a fan. And don’t let the word ‘wrap’ fool you into thinking these are small lightweight sandwiches, oh no. Willy’s Kitchen is also famous for their massive portions. Whether you go with a burger or chicken, that appetite WILL be filled.
In addition to their classic burger & fried chicken wraps, Willy’s Kitchen also makes these insane cheese-infused wraps (and by infused we mean A LOT OF CHEESE). Like their cheese skirt wraps that are smothered in melted cheese. Not to mention their iconic fried tortilla wraps.


Willy’s Kitchen is located at:

– 9 Hafez Ramadan Street, Off Ahmed Fakhry St (Nasr City)
– 5 El Narges Street, Off El Thawra St (Dokki)
– Silver Star Mall, Banks Complex (New Cairo)
– 19th Shams Aldin Alzahabi st. Ard Al Golf (Heliopolis)